Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions of Elegánsia Accessoires for consumers who order and buy products on the website elegansiaparis.com.

Article 1- General

Article 2- Definitions

Article 3- The entrepreneur

Article 4- Conclusion and implementation of the agreement

Article 5- Delivery

Article 6- Prices

Article 7- Payment

Article 8 - Right of withdrawal agreement

Article 9- Exclusion Right of Withdrawal

Article 10- Liability

Article 11 - Engagement of Third Parties

Article 12- Complaints


Article 1. General

1.These General Terms and Conditions relate to all agreements concluded via the website of Elegánsia Accessoires and apply to the sale of the products until the delivery of these products.

2.These Terms and Conditions are accepted the moment orders are placed on the website elegansiaparis.com and those orders are accepted.

3.The full validity of these General Terms and Conditions applies the moment they are confirmed to the consumer by Elegánsia Accessoires in paragraph 2.

4.Elegánsia Accessoires operates in the Dutch language and therefore Dutch law is always applicable to these General Terms and Conditions. English, French and Spanish are used for translations, marketing communication and possibly to answer service-oriented questions. Elegánsia Accessoires expressly rejects official requests in a language other than Dutch.


Article 2. Definitions

Elegansia Accessoires: The sole proprietorship that offers products for sale on the website elegansiaparis.com and non-saleable services on this website.

Entrepreneur: The legal entity Elegánsia Accessoires that offers sale or distance to consumers.

Consumer: The natural person who consumes goods that are produced.

Customer: Another name for the consumer, but in a number of cases the entrepreneur himself in collaboration with partners of the entrepreneur.

Terms and Conditions: These general terms and conditions, issued by Elegánsia Accessoires with regard to the website of Elegánsia Accessoires.

Day: A calendar day.

Durable data carrier: Durable, often electronic tool to be able to store information aimed at the consumer.

Reflection time: Period during which the consumer may invoke the right of withdrawal

Right of withdrawal: Period during which the consumer may dissolve the agreement.

Distance contract: Agreement between the entrepreneur and the consumer for distance selling using a system that is organized and communication takes place between the entrepreneur and the consumer that is possible in several ways.

The website: In the general terms and conditions the website elegansiaparis.com of the entrepreneur Elegánsia Accessoires.

Product: The products offered for sale on the website of Elegánsia Accessoires

Personal data: Personal data as referred to in the Personal Data Protection Act with due observance. In particular, this is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Article 3. The Entrepreneur

Elegánsia Accessoires

KVK- 80270433

VAT- NL003417194B50

 Business address:

Weena 690

3012 CN Rotterdam

 Phone number: +31 627127254

Email: info@elegansia-service.com


Article 4. Conclusion and implementation of the Agreement

1. The Agreement between the entrepreneur and the consumer is concluded immediately after requests or orders from or on behalf of the customer have been confirmed by the entrepreneur. This confirmation is in writing.

 2.The entrepreneur reserves the right to refuse requests or orders. For example, if there is a suspicion of fraudulent orders.

 3.The entrepreneur has the obligation to perform the agreement as agreed with the consumer. If this is not possible, the consumer must be informed of this by the entrepreneur.

 4.The consumer guarantees that the information provided to the entrepreneur is correct and complete in the requests or orders.

5.The consumer will receive a written confirmation from the entrepreneur within 24 hours of receipt of the application.

 6.The entrepreneur will send the following information to the consumer, in any case no later than upon delivery to the consumer, in writing that can be stored by the consumer on a durable data carrier:

-The business address of the entrepreneur

-The conditions for making use of the right of withdrawal.

-The distance contract: The price including the tax(s) of the products. Information about the payment method and the delivery of the products.

-Sending a model form to be able to return.


Article 5. Delivery

1.Elegánsia Accessoires only delivers to Dutch, French and Belgian addresses. Delivery to addresses in Luxembourg is also possible. Delivery is made from the Netherlands.

 2.The address that the consumer makes known to the entrepreneur is always the address of delivery.

3.The stated delivery times by the entrepreneur are approximate. This is what Elegánsia Accessoires strives for. The entrepreneur works with a stock of products in the Netherlands.

4.The entrepreneur will in any case execute the requests by means of the orders that have been accepted within 30 days. If this is delayed without orders being sent, partially or not executed at all within a period of 30 days, the consumer has the right to dissolve the agreement. In this case, the dissolution must be free of charge and the full costs must be refunded to the consumer by the entrepreneur.

5.Until the moment of delivery, the entrepreneur is liable for damage or the lack of products or a designated representative made known by the entrepreneur.


Article 6. Prices

1.The prices on the Elegánsia Accessoires website are given in euros and include VAT. This is the final price of the products made to the consumer. No specific shipping costs will be charged as extra for orders over 20,--

 2.All prices mentioned on the website are always subject to changes in the price.


Article 7. Payments

1.Payments to Elegánsia Accessoires are only made by online payment order.

2.Payments are made by: Credit card, Ideal, Paypal and Bancontact.

3.Orders are paid according to a payment method chosen by the customer.


Article 8. Dissolution of the agreement

1.The consumer can dissolve the agreement after a reflection period of 30 days. The entrepreneur will ask for the reason for dissolution. However, the consumer is not obliged to state a reason.

2.The reflection period to invoke a dissolution starts on the day of receipt of the product.

3. If it concerns several products that are part of one order, the reflection period starts on the day of receipt of the last product.

4. After written notification of dissolution by the consumer to the entrepreneur and a written confirmation by the entrepreneur to the consumer, the consumer has 14 days to return the item. Provided that the entrepreneur indicates that he will collect it himself.

5.Returns are made by using the return form of withdrawal. The consumer can find this in the delivery. Returns are preferably made with the same packaging, using the entrepreneur's address label and the return form.

6.Elegánsia Accessoires bears the costs for returning the orders if a carrier designated by the entrepreneur is used. The consumer bears the costs himself if the consumer wishes to return in another way.


7. The consumer must return the product with all accessories supplied.

8. The product and the packaging must be handled with care by the consumer during the cooling-off period. The consumer should inspect the product as would be permitted in a physical store. Packaging from shoulder straps of bags may not be removed by the consumer. Removal of this is considered by the entrepreneur as unnecessary to be able to inspect the product.

9. The entrepreneur holds the consumer liable for the decrease in value of the product if the consumer handles the product further than mentioned in paragraph 8. In that case, the article may not be returned to the entrepreneur.

 In addition, the entrepreneur may also refuse returned products or only credit part of the amount paid by the consumer if the entrepreneur suspects that the products have been used or have been damaged through the consumer's fault.

10.The entrepreneur pays the consumer, provided the product is received in the correct condition by the entrepreneur, within three days after receipt of the product, the full amount that the consumer has paid back to the consumer.

This is done using the same payment method that the consumer has chosen during the application. Provided the consumer agrees to another payment method.


Article 9. Exclusion right of withdrawal

1.Jewelry items are never accepted as a return and may not be returned for this reason. The entrepreneur must draw the consumer's attention to this before orders can be placed.


Article 10. Liability

1.Elegánsia Accessoires is not liable for damage caused during the delivery of the products by the mail order company, nor the consumer. The entrepreneur is, however, with regard to communication about this with the consumer and any fees/returns for this.


2.Damage that according to the consumer is attributable to the entrepreneur Elegánsia Accessoires must be reported as soon as possible after the occurrence of this damage in order to be eligible for compensation. Damage that is not reported within this period is not eligible for compensation, provided the consumer can demonstrate that he was unable to report this damage earlier.

3.Elegánsia Accessoires uses the services of webshop provider Shopify. The entrepreneur is not liable for unforeseeable situations and powerlessness attributable to Shopify, and Shopify as a webshop provider is not liable for the content that is placed on the website that is used by the entrepreneur.

 4.Errors on the website do not bind Elegánsia Accessoires After all, the entrepreneur may refuse orders. The agreements are only concluded after the entrepreneur has accepted orders in writing as referred to in Article 4.


Article 11. Cooperation with third parties

1.The entrepreneur has the right to use the services of third parties in the use of the distance selling system.

2.Damage as determined in Article 10 in paragraph 1 therefore also applies to these third parties.


Article 12. Complaints

1.The Entrepreneur has a complaints procedure and complaints are handled in accordance with this complaints procedure. This complaints procedure has been published on the entrepreneur's website before the agreement.

2. Complaints must be clearly and fully described by the consumer to the entrepreneur by e-mail.

3. In accordance with the complaints procedure, the entrepreneur must in any case provide a response within 14 days of receipt.

4. If a substantive response to the complaint can also be given to the substance referred to in the previous paragraph, this will already be given. If this is not possible, the entrepreneur must in any case give the consumer an indication of when he can expect a response.

5. The entrepreneur has at least four weeks to try to resolve the complaint and must communicate this to the consumer.