Een nieuw begin

A new beginning

Welcome to the new website!

 Elegánsia is back because the reality is that a company is very volatile by nature and dependents on outside factors that are out of your control. The advantage is that this makes Elegánsia stronger and has even more to offer. Behind the scenes, work is underway on a transition to France. Since 2022, therefore Paris is being more actively involved. The main goal remains to make women happy. The organization wants to do this by continuously trying to exceed expectations.

 Elegánsia is especially grateful for those who made a purchase on the website in 2020 and 2021. Grateful to everyone who has continued to follow on Instagram and grateful to you who took the time to read this blog. Finally, I would like to say something important that has everything to do with the transition to France. When you want something, you have to align with what you want and what is meant for you will always find a way to your life. That is what the French clientele, has given to Elegánsia in 2021. No more visions or expectations, success will speak for itself!

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